Over-vaccinating yogurt


Inoculating yogurt is a proven method for making fresh and delicious yogurt. Find out here how this process works and how you can use it to create delicious yogurt in your own kitchen.

Why overvaccinate?

  • Inoculation is a convenient way to make yogurt over and over again without having to buy new starter cultures each time.
  • You can ensure the quality of your homemade yogurt by using a proven starter.
  • It allows you to choose yogurt with your preferred milk, plant-based or animal-based.

The vaccination process:

  1. Prepare the starter: You will need a small amount of live culture yogurt as a starter. This can be store-bought yogurt or leftovers from your own homemade yogurt.
  2. Heat milk: Heat the milk to pasteurize it and kill any unwanted bacteria that may be present. Then let the milk cool to room temperature.
  3. Mix in the starter: Stir the prepared yogurt starter into the cooled milk. The cultures in the starter will begin the fermentation process.
  4. Fermentation: Keep the milk starter mixture warm, ideally between 40°C and 45°C, so that the cultures remain active and can develop the yogurt. This works easiest in our My.Yo yogurt maker.
  5. Cool and store: After the desired fermentation time, allow the yogurt to cool and store in the refrigerator.

Conclusion: Inoculating yogurt is a great way to make high-quality yogurt in your kitchen at a reasonable price.