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Organic yoghurt ferment mild Organic yoghurt ferment mild
Organic yoghurt ferment mild Sale priceFrom 6,90€ (4,60€/10g)
Organic yogurt ferment BulgarianOrganic yogurt ferment Bulgarian
Organic yogurt ferment Bulgarian Sale priceFrom 6,90€ (4,60€/10g)
Organic yogurt ferment Lacto Pro® + inulinOrganic yogurt ferment Lacto Pro® + inulin
Organic yogurt ferment Lacto Pro® + inulin Sale priceFrom 8,90€ (2,97€/25g)
Organic yogurt ferment Lacto Pro®Organic yogurt ferment Lacto Pro®
Organic yogurt ferment Lacto Pro® Sale priceFrom 7,90€ (5,27€/10g)
Organic kefir ferment Lacto Pro®Organic kefir ferment Lacto Pro®
Organic kefir ferment Lacto Pro® Sale priceFrom 7,90€ (5,27€/10g)
Organic yogurt ferment veganOrganic yogurt ferment vegan
Organic yogurt ferment vegan Sale priceFrom 8,90€ (2,97€/5g)


Enrich your yogurt, muesli or favorite juice with some inulin every day.

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My.Yo yogurt ferments

Immerse yourself in the world of yogurt ferments from My.Yo - your partner for high-quality, live cultures to make delicious yogurt at home. Our specially selected ferment cultures not only guarantee first-class taste, but also a wealth of health benefits.

Why My.Yo yogurt ferments? Our yogurt ferments are carefully developed to make every yogurt experience unforgettable. With a selection of live cultures that enable optimal fermentation, you can achieve excellent results time and time again.

  • Highest quality: At My.Yo, quality and purity come first. Our ferment cultures are of the highest quality and carefully selected to ensure you only get the best. 100% Made in Germany and 100% organic certified.
  • Natural and Alive: Our yogurt ferments are alive and active to ensure successful fermentation. They are free of artificial additives so you can experience the naturalness of yogurt.
  • Health Benefits : Our yogurt ferments not only bring delicious taste, but also potential health benefits. Probiotic cultures can help support balanced intestinal flora and improved digestion.
  • Easy to use: With clear instructions and easy handling, our yoghurt ferments offer an uncomplicated way to produce high-quality yoghurt directly in your kitchen.
  • Unfold your creativity: With our yogurt ferments you can get creative! Experiment with different types of milk and personalized ingredients to create yogurt creations that perfectly suit your taste.

Conclusion: My.Yo's yogurt ferments are your key to unique taste and healthy enjoyment. Experience the magic of fermentation and discover the joy of creating high-quality yogurt with your own hands.