Yogurt maker without electricity

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  • works without electricity
  • for 1 liter of yogurt
  • European quality product
  • food safe and BPA free

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Klappt super einfach und schnell!

It's that easy

My.Yo yogurt maker

Do you dream of delicious, homemade yogurt without the need for electricity? A powerless yogurt maker could be the solution you've been looking for! These innovative devices offer an environmentally friendly and practical way to make your own yogurt.

A powerless yogurt maker works in a simple way: it uses thermal insulation to create the ideal environment for the yogurt to ferment. All you have to do is pour your yogurt mixture into the container, close the lid and let the yogurt maker work its magic. You can enjoy high-quality yogurt without the energy consumption of electricity.

The advantages of our powerless My.Yo yogurt maker:

  • Energy efficiency: Since no electricity is required, you save energy and do something good for the environment at the same time.
  • Easy to use: Operation is child's play. Simply mix your ingredients, pour them into the containers, and let the yogurt maker do the work.
  • Space-saving: Our yogurt maker is compact and requires little storage space in your kitchen. It can also do its job in the pantry or a quiet corner.
  • Versatility: You can make different types of yogurt – from plain to fruity varieties – and even incorporate probiotic cultures.
  • Health in focus: With an electricity-free yogurt maker, you choose the ingredients and avoid artificial additives to enjoy healthy and delicious yogurt.

Experience the joy of making your own yogurt without relying on electricity. A powerless yogurt maker is not only an environmentally conscious choice, but also allows you to control the taste and quality of your yogurt based on your preferences. Choose the perfect unpowered yogurt maker in your favorite color today to enjoy fresh and healthy yogurt!